‘Dreams Do Come True in Hollywood. You Just Have to Want Em.’

If you haven’t noticed, I am an enormous Chicago Cubs fan.

In practically every picture you see of me I am wearing a Cubs cap. I wear one during the interviews I conduct and I am wearing one in this interview with the LA-based startup Erupt.

Thursday afternoon through today, Friday, the Cubs have ruthlessly traded many of their best players in exchange of young, unproven players in a fire sale fans of the North Siders are in tears about.

Present company included.

Blake Woodruff of Erupt interviews the long time blogger and digs into his past to discover how Tony Pierce made his way to podcasting.

This interview with Erupt took place moments before the first domino fell.

I was happy, full of life, excited, and fully motivated to continue this ridiculous marathon.

Today I can’t even get out of bed.

Jordan and I expected to have just one podcast up this week, and I hoped I would have something on the Hear In LA blog to replace what would be a terribly long podcast-transcription.

Little did I know we would have this nice interview to fill the hole.

The two episodes Blake and I chatted about were ones with William G, the man who yells at cops;

Miles Macy, the young man from Indiana who lives in a Van Halen van,

and two of the most popular Hollywood Blvd characters, the Joker & Harley Quinn.

All 7 of the episodes Jordan and I made are dear to our hearts, so if you haven’t caught up yet,

go to either Apple Podcasts or Spotify or your local podcast pusher because we spend a lot of time on these because we love you very much.

I am going to order a dozen Popeyes chicken sandwiches now and attempt to enter a food coma now.

Tune in next week when we return to the podcast with a cop.

An animal cop.

This man grew up in both Hollywood and Beverly Hills, used to commute, by bicycle from Silver Lake to Marina Del Rey,

and has a few things to say about our episode with William G.

Check in on your Cub fan friends.

Except me.

I’m fine.



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Tony Pierce

Tony Pierce

host of the most ambitious podcast in history