The beloved Victor Martinez, more than 40 years at his post, says his secret is to be passionate about everything: even the popcorn

I was walking up Vermont and noticing that after a year of having no marquee, the Los Feliz 3 was finally announcing what they were showing in…

Mary Carreon, EIC of Snoop Dogg’s cannabis site, will never be confused as a sucker MC

It’s easy to get lost in her eyes, dimples, fantastic fashion choices, and the smartly decorated Venice apartment she shares with her man; but if you’re lucky enough to talk with Mary Carreon at…

They party

Today in Corporate Twitter, all the social media managers and directors were able to laugh and laugh at something inevitable in tech: an internal disaster.

In this case it was Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp all crashing at the same time.

Naturally everyone flooded to Twitter to LOL. It’s…

Sunny Bak loves NYC, but after moving to LA and taking root in Venice, the photographer never looked back

Sunny Bak is a first generation American photographer. Born in Manhattan but she’s lived in LA (mostly in Venice) since the 1980s.

Her dad is Korean. Her mom is Chinese Indonesian.

Her dog, Pinky, is the most adorable thing ever and snoozed on Sunny’s couch for most of this interview.

Jodie Evans on the Capitol Police, ‘Defense’ spending, and calling Venice home for 50 years.

Jodie Evans has been fighting for peace around the globe and particularly in Washington D.C. for years. …

Jake McCollum drove to LA to get YouTube famous — and it worked! So now what?

Jake McCollum is a 29 year-old Texan who spent time in Florida and along the way picked up a terrible crystal meth addiction.

For over the last two years he has been fighting it by keeping himself uncomfortable. …

Your favorite Suicidal Tendencies bass player tells all, including the fact he was conceived (but not born) in Venice.

When you talk to someone about a neighborhood it’s nice if they’ve lived there their whole life. It’s better if their family has been there for generations.

But when you see a huge tattoo of that neighborhood across your subject’s arm, you know you’ve come to the right house.


Anthony Brewster aka Brew swears to God (and Fish) that they narrowly avoided tragedy after being booked on Flight 77 on 9/11, but weed saved him.

No one calls him Anthony, it’s Brew. He’s a veteran musician, singer, producer, band leader, and you should probably step back before he breaks your ankles with his crossover dribble.

Brew is third-generation Venetian. His parents were teachers. And on a warm summer afternoon on the patio behind his hand-built…

Today in Corporate Twitter: Magazine Can’t Handle The Truth

First of all: there are still Poetry Editors? This week that number was slashed by one.

The funny thing about Twitter is we know it’s dangerous.

Like blogging before it, people do get fired and canceled and reputations are sometimes ruined forever because of the things they tweet.

And yet…

Roseann Boffa talked to us, though, about legalizing weed, the Mob, The Silver Triangle, and witnessing a murder during the Venice Gang Wars

She’s in terrific shape, sounds like she’s straight off the Sopranos, and is fully in love with Venice. Roseann Boffa cannot be put in your simple box.

For over two hours she spoke about why she left the Big Apple to nestle into the Silver Triangle and why more than…

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