The Los Feliz photographer has captured beauty, silliness, joy, chaos and has shared it all online.

The self-portrait “Twilight Zone” by Lauren Randolph

Better known as Lauren Lemon to her 200,000 fans on Instagram, Lauren Randolph is a delightful and talented photographer whose work has appeared in magazines, commercials, and billboards.

She and I met when she was asked by the Academy of Motion Pictures to shoot the Oscars where she had a…

Mary Carreon, EIC of Snoop Dogg’s cannabis site, will never be confused as a sucker MC

Mary Carreon keeps it real, which is why we were so lucky to chat with her on this, the season finale of our Venice episodes.

It’s easy to get lost in her eyes, dimples, fantastic fashion choices, and the smartly decorated Venice apartment she shares with her man; but if you’re lucky enough to talk with Mary Carreon at…

Sunny Bak loves NYC, but after moving to LA and taking root in Venice, the photographer never looked back

MCA hanging from the Hollywood Palladium marquee. Feb 6, 1987. Photo by Sunny Bak.

Sunny Bak is a first generation American photographer. Born in Manhattan but she’s lived in LA (mostly in Venice) since the 1980s.

Her dad is Korean. Her mom is Chinese Indonesian.

Her dog, Pinky, is the most adorable thing ever and snoozed on Sunny’s couch for most of this interview.

Tony Pierce

unspoiled brat

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