She’s got a drivers license, so what’s the problem?

Unless Olivia Rodrigo has an insane management team who demanded too much money from Coachella, I’m having a hard time figuring out how she’s not Sunday’s headliner instead of Ye.

I have love for my fellow Chicagoan but he’s done Coachella…

Two LAPD officers fired for playing Pokemon Go instead of answering a call

a snorlax sleeping on the job, sort of like the LAPD?
Apparently when a pair of LAPD officers spotted a Snorlax minding its own business in the Crenshaw District, they felt compelled to detain it, and then lie about it all.

On a busy Saturday night in South Los Angeles, LAPD Captain Darnell Davenport was speeding to a homicide scene when he heard a call on his police radio of a robbery in progress involving multiple suspects at…

LA Times columnist tries to have it both ways: shaming a radio legend for not being afraid of talking about sex, while encouraging parents to… talk about sex.

Totally disappointed with the latest Robin Abcarian piece in today’s Los Angeles Times, and especially in the fact that her editors didn’t…

Tony Pierce

unspoiled brat

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