And you’ll probably have a tough time telling which one is the ‘real’ Michael Jackson’s too.

The two Harrison Ford stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Poorly shot photos by Tony Pierce

You can see all the stars as you walk down Hollywood Boulevard
Some that you recognize, some that you’ve hardly even heard of…
- Ray Davies

You have not heard of Harrison Ford.

You would not be able to pick him out of a line-up.

No matter how big a cinefile you are, you cannot name one movie he has been in.

And yet he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame right in front of Musso and Frank’s famous restaurant because of his performances in film.

Every day, people take pictures next to his star on Hollywood…

While we mourn the demise of ArcLight Theaters, let’s never forget the battle between The Hateful Eight and The Force

Monday’s tragic news of the ArcLight Cinemas calling it quits has released a flood of fond memories from Angelenos who have visited the upscale theaters.

At the center of many of the remembrances was the affection movie lovers have with the Cinerama Dome, the unforgettable looking staple on Sunset Blvd since 1963.

First ladies, a famous hotel, beauty pageants, and sadness at the border top her recommendations

March’s favorites were Separated, Lady Bird Johnson: Hiding in Plain Sight, The Barbizon, Looking for Miss America, and Eleanor

For years I sat next to Rosie and nearly every day she came in to tell me about a book she had read the night before.

Sometimes it would take her two nights to read an especially long one, but usually she would knock one out a night. Fiction, non fiction, political, romantico, it didn’t matter.

She did prefer the ones about Presidents or history, but all of the current titles made it to her and it was fascinating to pick her brain over them.

The Johnson & Johnson / Janssen shot hits Los Angeles & it’s worth the wait

I have been so good. Not perfect. But so good during this pandemic that it probably ended my relationship with my girlfriend.

She is young, full of life, and truly social, and I am a hermit at times. So we often bickered about her long walks and desire to be around others, and I was more concerned about surviving another day in the middle of the plague.

Over the weekend a friend posted a link on Facebook to sign-ups for those of us over 50…

And the mystery of what makes Diet Coke kosher and why Mexicoke isn’t

Yellow-capped two liter bottles of Coke and Diet Coke wait to be devoured by Jews and gentiles at Ralph’s in Los Angeles.

Kosher for Passover (or K for P) is a big deal for the 7.6 million Jews in the U.S. and those around the world.

It’s such a big deal that in the 1930s Rabbi Tobias Geffen of Congregation Shearith Israel in Atlanta worked with Coca-Cola (whose headquarters is in ATL) to figure out a way to make the popular bubbly drink kosher for the weeklong holiday.

Snippy retorts, lack of answers, and braggy posts aren’t the best look for law enforcement.

Twitter is free, seemingly easy, and a quick way to get a message across to a wide audience. Many brands and organizations do a poor job of it because PR and transparency rarely go hand-in-hand, and are easily called out on social media.

For example, the phrase “officer involved shooting” is a delicate, precious way to describe something violent, serious, and sometimes deadly. …

Here are Three Easy Tips the Paper Should Try Before Crying Over Spilt Milk

It’s my opinion that newspapers secretly hate social media because they cannot control it the way they can fiddle with the paper. Prove me wrong.

Previous to the Internet, if you wanted to raise your fist at the local rag you had to write a letter, mail it in, and hope that the Opinion Editor published it. The odds were not in your favor.

Not only were hundreds of people writing letters, but the paper only dedicated a tiny portion of its precious newsprint to highlight…

Steelo Brim, Shane Nickerson, Rob Dyrdek, and Chanel West Coast celebrate Ridiculousness’ 100th episode.

Ridiculousness’ Shane Nickerson doles out the keys to a successful TV series, and why YouTubers aren’t interested in being on magazine covers.

by Tony Pierce

Shane Nickerson is the Executive Producer of “Ridiculousness,” a better version of “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” in part because instead of a goofy host wearing an ill fitting dress suit, it stars a lovable skateboarder and his friends.

Currently MTV shows “Ridiculousness” more on its air than it pumped music videos into homes in the ’90s. It’s nearly impossible not to see the show if you flip on Viacom-owned network. …

While the TX death toll rises due to frigid temps, the Republican lawmaker heads to Mexico as his constituents struggle for the most basic necessities

Ted Cruz waits in line to GTFO of the United States abandoning his fellow Texans, millions of whom suddenly find themselves without water or heat.

Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, the despised and frequently ridiculed junior Senator of Texas appears to be abandoning not just the Texans he represents but the USA entirely in favor of the warmer climes of Mexico in one of the most cowardly and selfish moves since he voted to acquit his disgraced BFF last week.

Texas, you may have heard, is in the throes of a deadly winter storm that has crippled the Lone Star State…

Tony Pierce

unspoiled brat

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