Tony Pierce chats with Erupt about the debut neighborhood in ‘Hear in LA’

If you haven’t noticed, I am an enormous Chicago Cubs fan.

In practically every picture you see of me I am wearing a Cubs cap. I wear one during the interviews I conduct and I am wearing one in this interview with the LA-based startup Erupt.

Thursday afternoon through today, Friday, the Cubs have ruthlessly traded many of their best players in exchange of young, unproven players in a fire sale fans of the North Siders are in tears about.

Present company included.

Blake Woodruff of Erupt interviews the long time blogger and digs into his past to discover how…

Miles Macy learned about ’80s hair metal from a notoriously violent video game. Then he learned how to shred.

Rock is not dead and fortunately neither is the Dodge van Miles bought for just $600.

I saw his van. Then I saw him.

Then I heard him and I knew you’d want to to.

Click the play button above for the podcast which includes Miles rocking out.

Tony Pierce: I am with Miles Macy. You’ve got the Van Halen van.

Miles Macy: I do.

Where’d you get it?

It actually sat in a barn somewhere on a farm over in Indiana for maybe two or three years before I found it. …

From Chico to Santa Barbara, to NYC to Hollywood: why the award-winning writer and author Jason Ross has changed his mind about LA

Jason Ross and a fan. Photo by Elizabeth Beristain.

Full disclosure, I have known today’s guest since he was a teenager. Jason Ross and I went to college together at UC Santa Barbara and met at the infamous student newspaper, The Daily Nexus, where he eventually became Editor-in-Chief.

Jason saw me accept a state journalism trophy while I was wearing a dress. And I have watched him accept several Emmys in a sharp tuxedo.

It has been a joy seeing Jason take what he had in…

His costume can make people cry, it can make people laugh. She loved him when he was just a Wookie. And now together they are trying to make things better on the Boulevard.

This was a tough interview for me for a few reasons. Firstly I like these two. I like their look, I like their work ethic, I like how they have embraced Hollywood and I like that they’re trying to make the place better.

I also like their stance on marijuana.

And I really admire their relationship.


But in…

Brian Donnelly knows where the bodies are buried and where a few of the famous ones got got.

Brian Donnelly has been giving tours for nearly 20 years. His advantage? He was probably in Hollywood in a past life.

Affable Brian Donnelly talks fast, constantly smiles, knows all the facts, yet refers to his handwritten notes despite not needing them.

He didn’t have to take me on an hour-long tour of a ton of Hollywood landmarks either, but he did because he has a heart of gold and loves loves loves this neighborhood and can’t stop talking about it.

In fact the thought of stopping makes him cry.

Join us as we talk about ghosts, murderers, rockers, hookers, the mother and…

Christina Ortega on serenading Valentino and who Bernie Sanders should call if he ever needs a kidney.

Since she was born in Hollywood, I figured Christina Ortega could introduce herself better than anyone else and do it with flair. I was not disappointed.

OMG the podcast is right down there. Click the play button!

I’m Christina Ortega: an Indigenous Chicana writer, speaker, musician, humorist, and troublemaker. I try to use my gifts to challenge the white supremacist status quo.

I am the possible time-traveling love child of Emiliano Zapata and Dorothy Parker, pending test results.

Tony Pierce: Are you from Hollywood?

Christina Ortega: Born right here. Kaiser on Sunset. Seriously.

For the last year William G has been filming, criticizing, and writing up the LAPD and posting it all on Twitter. They’re starting to listen… and obey.

There’s not one Black parent who sits their child on their lap and says, “now when you see the police do something wrong, turn on your phone and ridicule them in the streets. And then tweet it for all the world to see.”

But clean-shaven, 6'-4" William G. doesn’t give a fuck.

Click the play button to hear our interview

Enjoy the conversation William G conducted with me last month in Hollywood.


And if you’re good she’ll tell you where in Hollywood she got her boots.

Entering Lenora Claire’s home I am quickly given mixed messages. The ravishing redhead generously offers me gifts and beverages.

Meanwhile her growling, overly-excited Miniature Pinscher seems determined to bite my terrified face off.

And you’ll probably have a tough time telling which one is the ‘real’ Michael Jackson’s too.

The two Harrison Ford stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Poorly shot photos by Tony Pierce

You can see all the stars as you walk down Hollywood Boulevard
Some that you recognize, some that you’ve hardly even heard of…
- Ray Davies

You have not heard of Harrison Ford.

You would not be able to pick him out of a line-up.

No matter how big a cinefile you are, you cannot name one movie he has been in.

And yet he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame right in front of Musso and Frank’s famous restaurant because of his performances in film.

Every day, people take pictures next to his star on Hollywood…

While we mourn the demise of ArcLight Theaters, let’s never forget the battle between The Hateful Eight and The Force

Monday’s tragic news of the ArcLight Cinemas calling it quits has released a flood of fond memories from Angelenos who have visited the upscale theaters.

At the center of many of the remembrances was the affection movie lovers have with the Cinerama Dome, the unforgettable looking staple on Sunset Blvd since 1963.

Tony Pierce

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