10 Lessons I learned my first 30 days of Podcasting

Find a partner who is better than you at the things you suck at.

The Katzeses are cooler than me in every way

Buy the right equipment. Learn it. Use it a lot.

Talk to every damn body

Talk to the people you love from social media.

You’re not going to get rich any time soon. In fact you will probably go broke, lose all your friends, die, and be forgotten.

Do all the things, even if you don’t know how to yet

Make commercials

If you see a cat running around during a baseball game, turn that into a way for people to listen to your thing

Make a blog for your pod and put way too much info in it (but don’t worry, this won’t pay either)

Podcast because you love learning from other people, even if you know them personally



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Tony Pierce

Tony Pierce

host of the most ambitious podcast in history